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1 step you have to download project copy to below code and paste in command.

composer create-project — prefer-dist laravel/laravel contact “5.8.*”

2nd go to .env folder and put database name as :- contact

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Next go to http://localhost/phpmyadmin and put database name contact and click on create

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Next step create model and migration copy below code and simply paste

php artisan make:model contact -m

Go to migration folder create_contacts_table and paste this code 👇


Next run this command

php artisan: migrate

Next go to contact model Contact.php and paste this code 👇


Next create controller

Php artisan make:controller ContactController -r

Go to ContactController and paste below code in ContactController.php


Next go to web.php and simply paste


Next go to resources/view and create file contact.blade.php and simply paste this code


And next go to resources/view and create new file thanks.blade.php and paste below code


Next php artisan serve

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