Frequently Asked Questions

We are not charging any subscription or commission fee. Our mission is to create a professional community where people can get any kind of professionals or their services and deal directly with each other without having a single restrictions with complete transparency.

No. Its just an app and platform to develop a community where professionals can join hands with consumers. For payment, please call or chat with the service provider or professional and discuss the payment method.

Our platform will show the fixed cost updated by the Professional/service provider you have selected. You may connect on call or chat with the professional to check out the possibility of negotiation.

Yes if the vendor is providing any Warranty, No if the vendor is not providing any Warranty. It solely depends on which vendor/service professional you choose.

Cancel your booking and try another provider or professional who gives you this facility of service at your location.

That purely depends on your service provider. Be brutal and write reviews about your service provider or selected service provider and complaint at We will make sure to address this situation to your satisfaction.

Please work and choose your service provider wisely, however if something like this happen, please raise your concern at contact@professnow.comand we will block the service provider account from our app.

You may contact on his phone number or the professional may himself will contact you once the booking is placed and confirmed.

You may cancel your booking at any time after confirmation by entering the reason for cancellation of the Services. But, please refrain from doing so, as they may have blocked for your booked service on that slot in advance and it will be a loss for him.

Yes, you can. While sending the request for your service choose other address and add a new one.

Check with your provider and if he accepts in cash, go for it.

This app or platform is free from any subscription charges or commission charges.

Being a service provider, you can not cancel a booking that you have already accepted.

Once you place a booking, you will receive a confirmation via email, app notification and WhatsApp notification that the professional has accepted or declined the booking request.

Customers can make up to 5 booking requests in a day.

After each service is completed by professionals, our customers are asked to rate the service and write their reviews in the application.

Go to the Google App store and search for the "PROFESSNOW" - if you are user and "PROFESSNOW FOR PROFESSIONALS" if you want to offer your services. The App is free to download. We're also working on an app for iOS as you read this.

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