If you’re interested to becoming or you’re in market of accounting services than you may heard about Chartered Accountant (CA).

Chartered Accountant is a professional body that governs this group of accounting workers goes back to 1854 where it was founded in Britain. Chartered accountants are those who experts in the laws and regulations governing businesses in various countries around the world. They are highly qualified to take on a number of specific activities within the sector of accountancy. That task include auditing financial statement, filing of corporate tax return, and financial advising too.

How Can I be a Chartered Accountant?

Chartered Accountant do meet more complex academic and practical requirement than other levels of accountant. A person must be dedicated and willing to achieve the rank of CA, and this position come with well-respected and higher salary than other type of accountant.

Someone should have the ability to making use of numerical and statistical data and also ability of understanding, manipulating and also apply methodical approach to their work with logical thinking. And also to be very good in their skills of communication and organization too.

Some essential set of skills

  • Keep yourself updated with the commercial knowledge.
  • Getting update with technological understanding.
  • Being complaint.
  • Organization of team and working along with time management.

Role of Chartered Accountant

Role of Chartered Accountant is Statutory and Advisory in nature. It means, Chartered Accountant is someone whose role is to advice, audit accounts and provide trust information about financial records. It also involve financial reporting, taxation, auditing, forensic accounting, business recovery, corporate finance, or accounting systems and processes.

A Chartered Accountant is useful for growing the economy of the country. They also make every citizen in understanding the rules and guidelines. CAs in India are far superior but accounting now a days is not just about technicality. It is also about identifying and solving problems.

Chartered Accountant as a Carrier

A career as a Chartered Accountant is a rewarding as well as challenging too. Meanwhile, Chartered Accountancy is the first step to careers in fund management, investment consultancy and finance. In India Charted Accountants of India (ICAI) is responsible for conducting CA course.

Chartered Accountants are regarded as one of the highest paying career in India. If you are interested in subjects like taxation and accounting than Chartered Accountancy is a good career option for you.

List of top 10 Chartered Accountants in Amritsar:

1Vishal Kapoor & Co-INCOME TAX & GST CONSULTANT AJ Towers, 91, Ground Floor, Court Rd, Amritsar, Punjab 1430017696292679
2Arrora Aggrawal & Co-INCOME TAX & GST CONSULTANT Elevate Mall, Shop No. 1, 2nd, Mall Road, Amritsar, Punjab 1430019814310561
3Rajan & AssociatesOpp State Bank of India, Rani Ka Bagh, Amritsar Cantonment, Amritsar, Punjab 1430019501155811
4CA Sahil Jain104, MAJITHIA COMPLEX, M.M Malviya Rd, Amritsar, Punjab 1430019041038787
5Nimish Nagpal & Company CADistrict Shopping Centre, 4th Floor, Nagpal Towers II, Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar, Punjab 1430011832504800
6Mannan & Associates(CA)300, Gali Suraj Kund, Nai Sadak,Kt. Khazana, Amritsar, Punjab9779329590
7UK Talwar & Co 75,Lawrence Road, Amritsar, Punjab 1430011832221098
8B S V & Associates#91, Ground Floor,, Deep Complex, Court Road,, Amritsar, Punjab 1430017696292679
9Padam Dhawan & Co 3, Race Course Rd, OPP IMA House, Krishna Nagar, White Avenue, Amritsar, Punjab 1430019216907388
10B D Bansal & Co34, Court Rd, Kennedy Avenue, Amritsar, Punjab 1430011832402224

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What Does A Chartered Accountant Do?

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