financial advisors/ tax consultant is a financial professional who provides advice on strategies to minimize taxes owed while staying within the scope of the law and protocols. Their dealings with a company looking to merge with or acquire another company may vary from their professional relationship with an estate executor seeking to minimize taxes.

What is a financial advisor/ tax consultant?

Financial advisors/ tax consultants is an individual who is a financial expert holding specialized tax accounting, tax law knowledge, and know-how. In complicated financial cases, the services of a tax advisor are typically retained to reduce the tax payable while staying compliant with the law. They may include tax attorneys, Certified Public Accounts (CPAs), licensed agents, and some financial consultants. A tax advisor is also called a tax consultant.

What does a financial advisor/ tax consultant do?

A financial advisor/tax consultant can work either for an agency or can be self-employed. In both ways of employment, they are given the task to find out effective ways of legally bringing down the tax liabilities for clients, estimating taxes on different investments, determining the right relevant deductions and credits, etc. Here are some aspects covered by them are:

  • Prepare your tax return
  • Looking for deductions to lower your tax burden
  • Minimize your tax liabilities in retirement
  • Deal with taxes on rental property income
  • Help to  manage your capital gains taxes
  • Sorting through the tax implications of life events, like marriages, divorces, deaths and births.

What qualities need to become a better financial advisor/ tax consultant?

  • He/she attract clients with their social awareness
  • Understanding of customer service, and communication skills.
  • He/she use logic to identify solutions to a problem. 
  • Strong speaking and writing skills help accurately communicate information to clients, coworkers, and others.
  • Critical thinking and complex problem-solving skills are also important in the tax-consulting industry. 

List of top 10 best financial advisor/tax consultant in Vizag:

Serial No.NameAddressPhone No.
1Document Corporate Finance & Industrial FinanceSaradha Street, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh08048619492
2Financial Services ConsultingSector 8, Visakhapatnam09848194537
3Financing ServicesChinnabazar, Bhimunipatnam, Dist. Visakhapatnam
4Banking And Financial ServicesCBM.Compound, Visakhapatnam 09949100808
5Build, FinanceVisakhapatnam Port, Visakhapatnam0891-2795696
6Finance ServicesSEZ Road, Visakhapatnam09849896688
7Financial ServicesVisakhapatnam08048971405
8Development & Financing ConsultantVisakhapatnam09901961463
9Pyramid It Consultancy Private Limited  Iti Junction, Visakhapatnam08048372250
10Vtech Engineers  Malkapuram, Visakhapatnam08048361270

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