AppDynamics is one of the leading Application performance management tools . AppDynamics used for monitor your application infrastructure with deep level real-time visibility across all touch points of  IT environments and give you code visibility.  AppDynamics ensures that business get tons of useful information with Unified monitoring feature from AppDynamics, business can get faster more accurate previews. AppDynamics helps Quickly solve web application performances issues and optimize key business transactions with an entire view of the customer Journey

AppDynamics comes with the following key features: Code level visibility, Trend database performance, continuous monitoring even in the most high-volume environment, visibility, and permanent control. On top of it, AppDynamics is seamlessly integrated with a variety of systems and apps, and offers both a free and a quoted versions to suit the needs of every business.

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Benefits of AppDynamics for a multi cloud world.

  • Improve performance:-  Detect issues with real-time monitoring before they impact customers.
  • Migrate to the Cloud:- Gain end-to-end visibility to plan with accuracy, migrate with confidence, and validate success.
  • Monitor any App :- AppDynamics helps to monitor any App with Leverage real-time performance monitoring for flawless application performance in public, private, or multicloud environments. 
  • Full stack scalability:-  Achieve enterprise scalability with low-overhead monitoring agents.
  • Robust security:- Get a secure-by-design architecture and granular, role-based access controls.

List of 10 feature of AppDynamics.

  1. Dynamic baselining and powerful alerting
  2. Visibility and control
  3. Application performance management agents
  4. Data retention
  5. Monitor multiple platforms
  6. Troubleshoot performance issues in production
  7. Trend database performance over time
  8. Continuously monitor in a high-volume environment
  9. Install and begin using immediately
  10. Database agents
  11. Server Visibility
  12. Synthetic Monitoring
  13. Mobile Real-User Monitoring
  14. Browser Real-User Monitoring

In this video you can see more information about AppDynamics Benefits and Features.

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