In this tutorial I’m going to learn about 5 log monitoring tools in 2021, based on market research. List of 5 Log monitoring tools below.

  1. Datadog
  2. Splunk
  3. Fluentd
  4. Graylog
  5. Retrace
  • Datadog :- Datadog is a monitoring and analytics tools which provides a cloud focused monitoring of servers, database,  tools, and services, through a SaaS-based data analytics platform.  It is one of the best data monitoring tools out there, with the ability to design and develop dashboards and it will let you add widgets to provide great visual representation into your entire ecosystem.
Autoscaling based on Datadog, SNS, and Lambda in AWS | by Santosh Sarangkar  | Bleacher Report Engineering

Features of Datadog:

The features that Datadog offers include:
• Provides an IT/DevOps team with a single view of their infrastructure (including servers, apps, metrics and other services).
• Customizable dashboards.
• Alerts based on critical issues.
• Support for over 250 product integrations.
• Can automatically collect and analyze logs, latency and error rates.
• Allows for access to the API.

  • Splunk:-  Splunk is a software platform widely used for monitoring, searching, analyzing and visualizing the machine-generated data in real time, monitor all your logs from one location in real time. Splunk indexes all your IT data including custom application logs and multi-line logs across virtual and non-virtual environments without the need for custom parsers or connectors. 

Log Management Features & Capabilities of Splunk:-

  • Data collection and indexing
  • Search capability
  • Event correlation
  • Custom dashboards
  • Alerts and notifications
Splunk's architecture - Advanced Splunk
  • Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring significantly shortens MTTD and MTTR by providing unmatched real-time visibility and AI-driven streaming analytics into cloud infrastructure and services. Now teams can detect, visualize and resolve issues as soon as they arise, not after customers are affected.
  • Fluentd:-  Fluentd is an open source data collector for unified logging layer. Fluentd is a powerful log management tool that seamlessly handles messy logging data, from operational errors, to application events, and security events. Its help to log processing, turning logged data in to a tool that will boost your application performance. Fluentd is a daemon that listens for and routes messages. You can use it as a collector or an aggregator, depending on your logging infrastructure.
  • Graylog:- Graylog is a powerful platform that allows for easy log management of both structured and unstructured data along with debugging applications.
Index model — Graylog 2.5.0 documentation

Graylog offers open source log monitoring tools providing capabilities similar to ELK and Splunk. Graylog performs centralized log monitoring; where Graylog is used for data processing and Elasticsearch, MongoDB used for search and storage. It provides log archival and drill-down of metrics and measurements.

  • Retrace:- Retrace is one of the best log monitoring tools. In Retrace monitoring tools you can Access all of your application logs from a single place across all applications and servers. Retrace users proactively identify more issues in QA and continuously improve applications in production environments

Features of Retrace

  • Organize your logs with structured logging and #tags
  • Find all the exceptions being thrown in your code
  • View Logs & Errors in code profiling traces
  • Watch for new errors during a deployment
  • Monitor error rates, new errors, and your logs!

In this video you can learn more info about Log Monitoring Tools

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